is being in Dallas to watch my beloved Redskins play the Cowboys.

Duh, I know the game is in D.C.

Didn't I say it was ironic!!

I am not that Blonde.

OK, I am but its really just irony this time!!


I don't know who is going to win, but at the moment my team has kept a small lead for most of the game. However, as positive as I am, I still lose faith for mini-seconds and I need a distraction to cool my negative thoughts which might have the potential to jinx my boys.

I am crossing my fingers!!

Did I mention, the new coach is a cutie!!

Again, Anyhoo,

While I sit here waiting through the nonexistent half time show of Bruce and his new album, I thought it would be a great time to introduce my ungrateful, unloving cats that haven't once called to see how I am doing.

Twinkie eating, trailer park beauty feline....Miss Sophie

The book end cats....Crackhead and Lela

I would include a photo of Gustaf Vladimir cat, but I have not gotten permission from his agent and he would sue my arse for copyright infringement. I really should stop feeding him...he is not a nice kitty!!

Blondes heard pets help with stress....Go Skins!!

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