When do you know?

When do you know that l0ve is real and you should fall?

Remember when we were seventeen and the world dropped at our feet at the thought of love?

We hung on the phone for hours with only fifteen minutes of conversation and the rest filled with dead air and a simple satisfaction that we were together, even if we weren't.

We would dangle the ear piece while we watched the tele, or did our nails, or used magic marker to script up our school spiral notebook cover with 'love me hearts' announcing the name of our beloved.

At this age, do we get that anymore?

We may not have the spiral notebook but we have the emails from the very first communication to print out and hold in our jewelry box.

Some things for a women, Blondes included, never change....the jewelry box with little mementos of lovers will forever more carry us to our grave.

I have held on to every single florist card, bracelet, concert ticket, even fortunes from a ccokie left over from a shared Chinese dinner.

For me, true love is willing to empty that box of memories so I can fill it with new ones...

and a brand new wardrobe!!

Blondes like falling in love with new ideas!!

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