Blonde Moment 371

Why is it called walking the dog?

When picking up dog poom, is no walk in the park!!

I offered to take care of the 'walking', before realizing 'walking' meant potty pick up duty for the Bow Wow twins.

I can understand why girls have dogs the size of their handbags. Its easier to pick up peanut size drops of poom as opposed, to say, one very large German Shepard with a finicky tummy.

Is it me or is it Murphy's law? That the one the size of Sasquatch has to have the upset tummy. His shiat is the size of a ferret!!

Now imagine a beautiful fall day and a pretty Blonde, in her brand new Juicy Couture pink jumpsuit with matching clogs decides to take the dogs for a walk in the neighborhood.

She grabs the leash, the recycled plastic newspaper bag and heads out the door with two lovely white pooches.

Now imagine the Blonde picking up the poom, not realizing there was a hole in the side of the bag, drops the bag, flicks her hand to get the poom off her pinky.

The poom hits her sunglasses she trips and falls on the bag of poom!!

Blondes realize their is no dignity in doo-ing the right thing!!

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