I Love Austin

but I am a big city girl!!

Dallas will soon be my new second home or maybe my first (time will tell where I hang longer but I think I know), cross my fingers and hope I don't screw anything up.

I would like to be less superficial and say my move is based solely on the thought of falling in love with a man but baby, the Galleria stole my heart first.

I was like a big kid in a new candy store. I wanted everything!!

Its a good thing I cut up my cards, long before this shopping spree, because I would have been in serious debt denial just for the boots and handbags alone.

The decedant ecenomic stimulation that was going on between my wallet and the Armani store would leave Palin in the dust with her GOP lending closet.

I am a slut for clothes. It is my crack. My addiction to style and looking good fed by every wonderful inch of the Galleria has fed my need that I can not leave it, not even if you promised me speed bumps in Westlake to stop the Bambi roadkill I have endured on a weekly basis.

I love you Austin, I truly do but you lack two things I truly need right now...

The love of a good man...

and the love of every salesperson in the designer stores in the Galleria.

The Blonde is finding her place in this world!!

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