Trick or Treat

I was hanging my head at my friend's lake house this weekend. We meant to shut the gate before the trick-or-treaters began to march around the neighborhoodin seaerch of candy, but we forgot.

Two little 5 year olds came up the driveway.

While I was digging in my purse for some dollar bills, my freind answered the door. He just placed his hand in their bag and thumped the side of it to make the sound of candy dropping.
The children were too young to call him out on this deception but they knew something was up.

In their innocent little voices they said, "What was that?"

My friend said, "Invisible candy. Don't tell anyone!!"

Once they left and we closed the gate, we both laughed.

I said, "Your lucky they weren't six or they would have made you prove it."

He said, "I am glad they weren't eight or they would have burned the house down if I couldn't prove it."

Blondes love Halloween!!!

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