Scowling Women

Remember when your Mamma told you not to make that face because someday it will keep.

Well, ladies its true especially of the women that gave me dirty little eye wince, as I ate my lunch alone.

I have had women look me up and down before but not to the point of making sure I would notice their sneers. They actually kept it up until I could no longer ignore them. So I looked straight at them, smiled and went back to ignoring them refusing to give them any satisfaction.

It was almost funny, if it weren't really so sad, that someone with so much insecurity and self hatred would want to hurt a stranger's feelings.

I don't know what I was doing other than being myself and smiling and eating my bunless burger and having a glass of vino.

I just minded my own business and really didn't look over at the table again. They really weren't worthy of anyone's attention especially this Blonde. Perhaps they were upset with me for drawing attention to myself by doing nothing more than being happy and sweet. Obviously these women did not know how to master such traits and thus they remained invisible to all the yummie Dallas men that walked past them.

Ladies, learn to smile because you get much sweeter things in life with honey than you do trying to sting people. Insecurity and jealousy looks good on no one, and how you feel on the inside really does show on the outside for everyone to see.

Blondes know being mean is never in style!!

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