Stopped at the Airport

A couple of weeks ago when I was volunteering for the Film Festival, I was standing outside the airport waiting to pick up Greg Daniels, producer of "The Office", when a hot guy in a silver Porsche drove up and stopped along side of me.

"Are you here to get me?"

"Are you with the film festival?"


"Good, you have a better ride anyway."

"I really just wanted to say hi to a pretty girl."

"You should be even bolder and ask the pretty girl for her number."

"What's your number?"

"Oh, I don't give my number out to strangers."


"But for you I will make an exception."

So, I gave him my number and he drove off. I heard from him last week and we have a date for First Thursday in SOCO tonight. I picked the deck of Mars to start and then we can stroll the shops for a bit.

If it goes badly, you will hear about it.

If it goes well, you will hear about the shopping!!

Blondes don't kiss and tell!!

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