Blonde Moment 373

Who would have thought that Dallas has a worse allergy season than Austin. In D-town, my eyes would puff up to the size of a golf ball and they were fuzzy and dry like the skin of a kiwi.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see Quazimoto staring back at me. Being a bit vain, I could not stand the thought of waking up hideously mutated in the morning.

Plus I was scaring my friend's dogs.

I looked for hydrocortisone cream to bring down my alien sized eyeballs but being in a new house and it was the middle of the night, I was only able to find a tube labeled 'anti-itch' cream.
I just assumed it was hydrocortisone.

I rubbed the cream on my eyes and stumbled back to bed. I awoke a little later with my eyes feeling like they had been an extra in 'Clockwork Orange'. My eyes were stinging and they felt like an unauthorized eye lift was performed in my sleep.

I teetered into the bathroom and washed my eyes.

I no longer cared about the puffiness, I just wanted the burning to stop. By the time I had washed and rubbed all the cream off and out of my eyes, I looked like I was hit with tear gas.

In the morning I was finally able to open my eyes just enough to read that the tube I used as a beauty product for my eyes contained cream for foot fungus.

Being Blonde is not easy!!

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