Fast Food is Dangerous

I planned a trip from Lubbock to Austin with Boo and Jesus with a DQ themed road trip. We were to stop at every DQ we saw on the way back home and take pictures with the DQ lips at each venue with our chosen item from the menu in hand for the photo ops.

We stopped at exactly ONE!

That was all I needed for my digestive system jerk me aside and have my stomach grumble at me for more than an hour.

After the stomach pummeling died down, the sugar crash, from the strawberry malt, hit me at 90 miles an hour.

No seriously, I was driving ninety miles an hour when I nodded off at the wheel and crossed two lanes and hit the gravel side before everyone in the car woke up!

There should be a Blonde disclaimer on junk food.

Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while consuming more than your strict dietary guidelines of carbohydrates.

I am only too grateful that I was on a back road and no one was hurt. Needless to say, Boo and Jesus took turns driving while I watched DVD's in the back of the car.

Sometimes it pays to screw up!!!

Blondes should not Drive With Indigestion

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