I Am Not Without Faults

I have asthma and at this time of year, my focus is on the air that I breathe.

And because of a certain beau that I have been seeing, it became clear to me that love and breath go hand in hand.

You have know idea how precious air and love are until you struggle to have it.

For me:

I choke.

I can not think straight.

Thoughts are difficult to speak.

And a weight settles on my chest and I am afraid I can not keep it.

Love, like breathing should not be taken for granted.

I do not curse the air because it denied me the previous night.

I do not curse new love because old ones faded.

I can not understand a world that restricts me of both but I know with each passing season, my breath will catch the air and my heart will find new love.

Blondes will not let their heart fail!!

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