Political Hoopla

is over, at least for me. I am exhausted and tired of hearing about it.
I actually did not vote because I would not vote against my party. I just didn't want my party to win. I am one of those disillusioned voters.

To celebrate the end of the idiocy error ( I meant era), I went shopping yesterday to help out the economy.

It is the least I can do.

I decided to go wickedly sexy this season.

I have been watching Housewives of Atlanta and something just made me want to kick up my game again. I love Kim and her style is like mine, although I lack the double D transplants, I have a better butt.


I am also stepping up my game because I am back on the internet dating trail and nothing makes my day more than when I walk into the bar at the Four Seasons or Driskell and watch the man's chin drop.

And yes, you will have the first edition of all failed dates..not that I have had many lately but I will see what I can drum up for you.

I know you love it when the Blonde suffers!!

Now just because I look good doesn't mean I am going to rev up his chemistry meter for me.
But I have gotten good at knowing who will work and who will not after a few emails. So far my track record has been very good.

While Blondes tend to get along with everyone, we know there are a few that just won't go beyond a first meet and so why bother.

First, if the man wants to have coffee for the first meet I tend to stop the communicado. Coffee houses are cheap and the conversation gets pretentious. Also, I am not into speed dating and really how much coffee can you drink.

Second, is the man who likes kayaking. I am not a granola girl. I will go camping only if its on the balcony of a luxury hotel suite. I like to hike, after all its basically just walking without shops around, but camping, fishing, kayaking...that is for the blue, not the pink.

Third is the man who likes writing. I am not a pen pal and having to foster a relationship through writing seems silly to me. I usually limit my emails to 3 or 4 back and forths otherwise you end up with men that really aren't interested in much more then passing the day away out of boredom. These men are usually out of state.

Which is a shame because I found I like more men out of state than the ones in state and I am not at all above relocating to a coastal destination. But I just get tired of trying to dazzle so many with my writing skills.
My creative energy is getting zapped.
Having to be clever all the time tends to tire me to the point of not finishing the writing that actually pays.

Needless to say, I need to settle upon a boyfriend fairly soon before I lose all my writing skills. And there isn't much of that skill to spare, according to the grammar natzi!!

Blondes are not made to jump through hoops!!

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