Byting off More than I can Chew

...and as I rarely post on a weekend, this is quite a treat for you!!

Yes, I am a bit cocky this morning.

I had a few good date nights this week which I totally needed before my self esteem goes down the tube. I just can't seem to close a deal over the tele-cellie these days.

As you all know, I hate the phone, hate talking in it with a passion. I am much better in the flesh...

Having to get to know someone over the cellie is silly, it can't be done properly.
I think the gents believe I am not interested in what they have to say, but I am,very much so. But I want to see them face to face so I can ask questions, lean in on extremely interesting stories, flirt with their eyes when there is a lull in conversation, show him how excited I am about being with him...

You can't do any of these things over the wire!!

I have been through more virtual men than Neo in the Matrix that when the real ones are finally sitting in front of me they are totally gold, the holy grail...because the reality is I hate internet dating!!

It seems most of the dating occurs over the internet and after a couple of replies you break up silently and without warning and never meeting. Its tiring and time consuming and I can just as easily pick someone up in a grocery store, a bar, or waiting on the curb at the airport.

I don't know if its easier to find a real relationship or its just easier not to try to make one work because you have a virtual catalog of new avatars to date.

The Blonde needs a gigabit of a break!!

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