The Season's True Color

Santa is not the only one wearing a red suit this year. With the economy sporting a deep crimson cloak, I find the ads for Black Friday a little ironic.

I personally wanted to do my part and help out with a little shopping but after my surprise from the men in blue, I won't be wearing designer black any time soon.

I was out first thing this morning to empty my green on a brand new yellow traffic ticket for no inspection, no registration, no seat belt, and a warning for no address change to my license.

To spare myself an extra present from the peace officers bag of goodies, I skipped Neimans and went directly to the courthouse bypassing the 'Go directly to jail' square (Monopoly not included) to share my weekend with a cellmate name Lola who has a penchant for cracking her knuckles and snapping her gum.

I am pleased as leftover apple pie that Lola and I will not meet. Like many Americans, I couldn't afford an extra gift this season, anyway.

Blondes are looking for a brighter future!!

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