Blonde wisdom for the male masses!!

Blondes may not be delicate little flowers but our egos are!

I have been blue about my looks. And the only reason I am blue is because of Dallas. I have heard one too many times how hot the Ex is. I am sure she is, so why slum with me?

My darling men,






Never, tell a blonde how hot another girl is, unless you back it up with...but your hotter.

I live in this wonderful fantasy world, where I think I am the hottest thing out there, and trying to convince me there is something better is only going to make my little blonde bangs, blow up into a little tantrum, telling you to...

"Go get her!"

If you don't think I am the bomb blond shell, then move on.

I realize their are hotter chicks than me, but there shouldn't be any to my man. And if he does see something hotter, she better be a fantasy girl, movie star, or penthouse playmate.

And since Dallas has told me on numerous occasion that his Ex is so hot, I think he should get her back or at least get someone just as hot. Apparently, there is a girl in Houston better than me, too.

When I talk about my Ex's, I throw in things like they are bad in bed, or have nose hair growing out of one nostril. I am sure men would get their feelings hurt if I bragged about how much money the Ex had or that they were awesomely hung. but I don't. When you begin a relationship comparing yourself to someone that you don't think you can ever fill their shoes, you get insecure about yourself and that is never going to bring a positive outcome to a relationship.

I think Dallas should go after exactly what he wants, after all, he is a terrific guy, and terrific guys deserve everything they want.

I still want Dallas guy and it sucks to have to find a replacement when I don't want to, but I don't want to make him miserable, or myself, because I have it in my head that I am not the perfect blonde.

Of course today, to make myself feel better, I have been playing with hair and make up and generally trying to get my game back on. I have been running around in my underwear telling myself, I am hot.

Someone out there is going to think I am the hottest thing he has ever been with, and that's the man I want.

Blondes have self esteem exercises to do!!

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