I take little steps to perfect my appearance, like most Blondes do.

long hair
make up
butt tightening exercises

Blondes go through a lot to look good for our self and male attention. We could care less of what other women think of us. After all, this isn't a competition. Its just about being a Blonde.

I know there will always be someone prettier, thinner, hotter, and younger than me.
The most I can do is be happy about myself, and what makes me happy, is feeling good about my looks.

In my quest for superficial satisfaction I have been sporting fake french tips for a while and enjoy them. I do have trouble with a few things because of them but they aren't life threatening unless I need to call 911 in a hurry, which is near impossible, considering my nails get in the way of punching the telephone keys.

Other than dialing and texting, I never viewed my nails as a problem, until today. Today, I went to the store for some vitamins and when I went to pay for them, some coins dropped from my wallet. The woman behind me, who looked like she was using every ounce of her last dollar to buy groceries for the week said, "You dropped your change, aren't you gonna get it?"

My normal reply is no, it is just change, but I didn't want her to think I was above the economic hardship of everyone else, so I tried to pick a quarter up just to prove to myself that I am not above anyone.

That squabbly little round coin refused to tip into my hand. I looked like an idiot trying to grab a quarter that someone had glued to the floor. I was literally squatting on the floor trying to pick up a quarter I could care less about just to appease some stranger!

What is wrong with this picture?

Every time I try to make myself seem like a better person by being guilted into an action I am not comfortable with, I end up looking like an idiot. So what, if I don't care about my change? Someone else can use it and I see it as charity. How much nicer do I need to be?

Next time, I am sticking to my instinct to leave anything under a dollar on the floor.

I stood up in disgust, thinking I shouldn't have gone for the coin, for any reason or anyone. If she was so concerned, why didn't she help me pick the change up? Maybe she just likes making a Blonde look down on her luck, to make her feel better about herself, which is funny, because that is what I tried to do, by picking up the darn coin in the first place!

I looked back at the woman and just said, "If I need a quarter that bad, I will stop getting my nails done." I paid for my vits and left.

Afterward, I shook off the incident by going to a local boutique and bought a dress a size too small and a price tag too big to justify a half a yard of paper thin cotton fabric, but I fell in love with it and that made it seem worthy of its price. It is a hot little dress with a lace up front. I tried to fix the laces but my nails wouldn't let me loosen the knot.

I thought karma is kicking me because I was arrogant about my loose change but then I remembered, I can't tie my shoes, put on my bracelets, or button my bra strap in back because of my fake tips.

Its not karma, its just the stupidity I have to go through for being enslaved to my looks.

Thank God!!

Blondes don't stoop for money!!

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