Burying the Blog with Big Girls

After Big Sis caught wind of my recent post, I caught flack for sharing BigDaddy's past time.

I refuse to delete on basis of literary integrity but I am not above a compromise so I am popping a quick post on top of it.

I recently caught site of Jessica Simpson's new figure. She is a big girl and while I don't have a problem with big curves, I do have a problem with her being a size 12 and thinking she can wear clothes meant for a size 2. She needs to take que from women who know how to wear big well.

African American women know how to wear big well. They know what style and fashion works well for them and more importantly they are confident about their size. White girls have no clue. Jessica looks like she should be the poster child for pretty trailer trash chicks. Take off the small girl clothes and go get some Big Mamma clothes.

I think Queen Latifa is one of the prettiest women out there and she wears here size well. I also love the fact that rather than losing weight for the sake of size, she promotes losing weight to be healthy. I realize everyone is built differently and I embrace all sizes as long as its a healthy size and you wear fashion well. I do exclude obesity from my argument...there is no excuse for out right hugeness and a blatant disrespect for the bod.

Jessica, you have to options: lose weight and keep your small size clothes; or lose the small size mentality and choose to live big in clothes that fit your new bod.

Blondes want every Blonde to look good!!

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