Kiss And Tell

Never...but I will spill the beans on my trip to Horseshoe Bay for V day.

Horseshoe Bay's Marriott has about as much class and customer service as a snail's shell. The wallpaper and flooring leading into the rooms will make you dizzy, even without the haze of wine. Your better off jet setting to a Mexico Beach.

I talked to several couples that were there for the valentine weekend and they waited 3 hours for dinner. They would have left but since it was a weekend package, they wanted their moneys worth. I don't blame them but I would have left and gone to the yacht club for dinner.

I loved the coziness of the yacht club bar and restaurant, it was the company sharing the bar that made me want to gag. Men, bragging to other men about what they do and how much they make. My theory is, if your alone on Valentines, in the middle of know where and you talk about thousands and not millions...you are nothing to brag about.


My date and I went back to the room for a little 'light reading', and afterward we decided to trail down to the bar and sit outside by the water before going back to our 'reading'. We tried to get someone to help us light the heat lamp, give us matches, and serve us drinks...forget it.

We were on our own.

No apology from management, as a matter of fact, Benji, the manager actually had an attitude and said he talked to several tables and they were fine. What Benji failed to mention is he was hanging with his regulars at the bar and making sure they were taken care of while the rest of the weekend guests, were left thinking they won't make Horseshoe Bay Marriott a second mistake.

I gently walked Benji over to several tables and asked the couples that weren't regulars, how was their stay. One woman grabbed Benji's arm and would not let go until she filled him with all of her complaints. As I walked a way feeling satisfied someone was getting heard, a petite and leathered she devil cronie of Benji's, grabbed my arm and asked who was I?

I told her to kindly remove her claws and that I was the one who was going to make sure the resort lost a star in their rating.

Horseshoe Bay is a great area if you never left Texas, can't afford to leave Texas, or like the Holiday Inn.

Blonde have plenty of lip service!!!

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