Enough Drama

Its time to make Momo laugh so I am going to embarrass her with a tid bit about BigDaddy.

I was up all last night trying to tweak BigDaddy's internet connection for faster streamlining of his videos. I would like to say he was streaming reruns of M.A.S.H. , for Momo's sake, but he wasn't. He was having trouble with his YouPorn and he asked me, his not so innocent, not so young daughter to fix the buffering time.

Big Daddy loves his porn and in his older gentile age, he is not shy about it.

I want him to have a happy homecoming and so I was busy working on it last night for him. I don't know exactly what video he was interested in but I am fairly certain I do not want to know.

Growing up, I used to peak at his Variations books. They were filled with erotic stories and after reading a page or two, my face would go red and I would laugh and carefully put the book back in the top left hand drawer under the sink counter.

Later on in his porn pursuit, he began amassing a large video collection in his closet. When Boo was in the house and old enough to be curious, that was his way of learning about the sexual side of life.

Than BigDaddy got cable and the Playboy channels kept his interest but he was always dissappointed with the soft side of that cable channel. When I installed the internet for him and Momo, Big Daddy discovered internet porn, and knowing I was a hacker, he would ask me for the codes and sites to watch for free. I gladly gave it to him.

Now with YouPorn, BigDaddy watches free as a bird and is now a seasoned and fearless master of porn, treading the masses of internet amatuer sites, when Momo goes to bed.

When Boo came home last night to see BigDaddy, he asked me what I was doing. Being from a family that is open and honest about everything, I told him exactly what I was up to. Boo is a bit more reserved than the rest of us but he is still young and has the good sense to be embarrassed abut things so I waited for his rolled eyed reaction but he didn't bat an eye.

He just grinned and said, "Guys love their Porn."

And we love BigDaddy.

BigDaddy is coming home next week and will be faced with the fact that he can't do many things but watching his porn won't be one of them.

The Blonde fixed his buffer!!

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