My Favorite Day

Its get drunk, turn up tunes, and pass the rainy grey day away, with fake guitar, fabulous emotions, and crappy thoughts on men.

Today, I was confronted with the fact that one of my gents doesn't sleep with girls that sleep with other guys. But it is perfectly acceptable for him to carry on goose behavior, while tossing the gander to the dark ages.

Who does he think he is kidding?

Yes, he is wealthy...big deal!! So is every man I date!!

Dating men with money is like window shopping. They will parade you around things that you want, but they make it clear, that its not yours...so where is the prize in that?!!

I am a twenty first century biatch and I know the rules of the game...I am not born under 30 years ago and I don't think I want to be. Why would I want to go through another idiot period of believing in the fools that show me around the top of their mountain, only to be marched down it and told I am not worthy.

Guess what?

It is you who is not worthy of me!!

Your so roped up in what you have, that you believe that is all you have to offer.

How sad because you dont even offer that beyond the visual.

I have learned to live with nothing and so your fortune means nothing!!

Go find someone who cares...I will float the cell phone bill.

Leave me alone, please.

I, like the rest of the world sit and look at our wish magazines like Vogue and ultimate real estate catalogs. Its all non-fiction and I, like everyone else, can get lost in all its dreamy glory.

But I wake up and see the truth.

If a man thinks he is the bomb, because he represents the pics from a mag I read in passing, it is beyond my rolling eyes.

Millions of peeps pick up rag mags to see a life they only dream of, even if its a life of turmoil...its a life that affords the famous and wealthy the few days needed to cry and pout at their leisure until they are ready to face the world again. That is what makes the average Joe envious of these made up mag lives...not the money, but the money that affords a break, when your feeling down.

In the real world...you can't sneeze without thinking your retirement has just been staked.

I hurt thinking about the fact that we bailed out the top 10 % while the bottom 90% is so tired in their struggle to pay the bills, that they read the newspaper, as if its another Paris Hilton story, without standing up to the atrocities and persecuting the men responsible for their current situation.

Won't anyone stand up?!

I am beginning to dislike the wealthy for throwing their arrogance in my face. Take your wannabe french biatch attitude with the wigs and stuff it up your pampered arse.

I have been in this dating arena so long, I know all the moves, and bragging about what you have doesn't bring me closer to having what I need, so spare me...please!!

You think because you have money, you automatically win?

If that were the case, all the wealthy and the famous would be in a state of glee, and Barnes and Noble would be short on biographies of the distraught, poor, little, rich me stories that so many surfs love to read.

And Marie Antoinette would have died with her head on!

The Blonde needs a stronger entitlement plaque remover!!!

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