Be My Valentine

What does that mean?

What is it to be someone's valentine if you are going to sit at home alone on Valentine weekend?

St. Valentine was persecuted and executed because he would not turn on his religion. How that ended up into a holiday of little love cards with hearts on them, I will never know.

Suddenly, I am hit with a bit of melancholy.

Thank you, Hallmark, for reminding me what a loser I am for not having a significant other. Do you have a sympathy card for those of us alone on your paper thin heart's holiday?

I don't even think I made the FTD list for conciliatory bouquets this year. In the past I was inindated with flowers from gents interested in keeping me on the line without any real intention of hooking me in for more than a novelty relationship.

This year I am down graded to emails saying, "Miss you, Be my Valentine."




I guess I will be ordering in romantic movies from Netflix and cuddling up in bed with my cat, letting the festivities of this romantic holiday pass me by, again.


The Blonde has an aching heart!!

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