And the Oscar Goes To...

The Blonde

for portraying the favorite Aunt. Its a short film, if it were any longer; I would be getting an award for suicidal Aunt.

It is a a shame that you cannot enjoy children without the parent, I would have had a great time without Martha Steuy and her non-stop nagging.

I am almost at the point of wanting to bash my beaten down body between those cell phone talking, menopausal, selfish, arrogant freaks of Motherhood in SUV's and minivans that float obnoxious bumper stickers on their rear window showing me and everyone else who does not give a crap that their precious Suzie is in band, and her baby Tommy is on the football team.

While I love my sister, she is the epitome of everything I can't stand in an older model Mother. During this week, I will go into more detail about the headache and the hives I have had to endure for an entire week of family reunion time.

But for now, I need to stick my head in the oven before they get back from the zoo.

Blondes will never do a sequel!!!

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