Holy Cow!!

My friend Dallas is in big doo doo. Well, he will be, because I have wanted a mini cow for awhile, and now I have found one!! Since I live in a snooty neighborhood with an association, I don't think my mini cow would go over very well. But Dallas has a ranch and I want to board my mini cow at his place.

I guess I should ask him before I buy one, but that would give him the chance to say NO.

You can't say no to a blonde when she really, really wants something.

Just ask my mom and sis!!

I remember in the 5th grade, I wanted the most beautiful butterfly shirt and my mom didn't buy it, or so I thought. I made my entire family a wreck about that blouse. Actually, my mother did buy the blouse and was holding it as an Easter surprise, but I did not know that, and I shed terror on the family. I was such a little heathen about it, my mom and sister pulled my blouse out of hiding and threw it at me, and said, "Here...we can't take it any more!"

I was so excited to see my shirt, that I failed to see the wreckage I made of my family.

I would like to say I am sorry, but I am not. I got my shirt and I loved it soooo much, I wore it out wearing it all the time. I think I proved to my family that it was worth the pain I caused. I was appreciative of that blouse and so I have nothing to apologize for.

Dallas, I want that mini cow just as bad as that blouse, so you are in a world of hurt if I can't use your ranch for my mini cow.

The Blonde is bovinely inspired to get her way!!

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