I cracked my knee over the corner of my bed last night leaving a bruise the size of a golf ball on my knee. It usually happens when I haven't made the bed in a couple of days. The bed gets resentful it isn't being taken care.

The bed will actually reach its corner out to kick me in the shins. This isn't the first time.

Its a hateful bed!!

I think the laundry I forgot to put a way had a hand in it, too. The piles of clean folded laundry I took off the bed and set down on the floor next tot he corner had a conversation with the bed and they conspired to trip me up.

Its not my fault I couldn't deal with my bedroom. I had cars to wash, Halloween decor to set up, and bitchy notes to text to strangers that judged my dating preferences.

I have since cleaned my room and made up with my bed and laundry. Its nice to know that even if people don't forgive you, your inanimate objects will.

Although I think I heard them giggling while I slept last night!!

Beds and laundry may break my bones but words only bruise a Blonde!!

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