I don't need no stinking Badges

I volunteered only for two days for the film festival this year. It took me that long to remember why I did not want to be a driver.

It is tiring hanging out in a dank office waiting your turn to drive and when so many volunteers are pushy and in the coordinators face wanting the best ones to drive, I was under utilized and done with the whole affair after only a couple of days. Beisdes, I was never going to earn enough points to enjoy a festival badge because the coordinator booked her faves for the extra time.

I decided to spend my time at the Driskill bar just people watching and drinking my wine, which was far more productive as far as enjoying myself.

I may have not met anyone in the industry but I did get to play an actress for a bit.

I found it fun to carry on 'shock conversations' with my friend for the couple sitting behind our love seat. The older gentleman's ear fell off when we began to talk of the Sugardaddy / Sugarbaby web site we played on.

I handed the gentleman back his ear and once it was safely back on his head, we acted out our improv scripts.

We talked about how great it was to be a Mistress to a married man; no strings attached, no commitment, just a whole lot of fun.

And anyone who reads my blog will realize how good an actress I must be to pull off those comments without snorting wine out my nose.




We could barely contain our laughter when I got up to go to the bathroom and the gent's wife followed me in to make sure her husband didn't.

The Blonde loves to act!!

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