I am not a Player

I love men that clearly state what they aren't on internet dating sites. It makes it easier for me to know exactly what they are.

I am not a player!!, he states.

Of course you aren't darling.

Your just relationship challenged.

And, I am not a real Blonde!!

I am actually a brunette who bleaches her hair killing any brain cells that allows me to filter out bull dung!!

I love men and their dungess!!

They can drive a thriving business with a brain fart, but they can't maneauver a simple curve in the road of personal life without driving into a ditch playing with a dumb stick that shifts into high gear with a drop of blood.

Maybe the cure for a dumb Blonde is a shot of the little chrimson to the cerebellum!!

Blondes don't rubberneck an accident waiting to happen!!

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