OK, so I found crack cat and I have to say the reverse mohawk does look silly. I would be embarrassed, too. I guess some things really should be left to a professional.

Live and learn!

I guess Crack Cat was trying to hide his hairless predicament from his posse and went underneath the poolside decking and couldn't get back out.

We looked for him for 2 days. You think he would be hungry enough to cry multiple times and to everyone who was calling him...but NO.

He wouldn't answer me!

Still holding a chip on his shoulder!!

The other cats were awfully quiet yesterday accept for some chuckling from Sophie but that could have been gas; she scarfed down a twinkie she found in the bottom cabinet where there cat food is kept. When asked if they had seen Crack cat...all of them kept a poker face. Something is up. They may have tried to bury Crack cat alive.

This is still under investigation!

Around midnight, we heard a faint cry and rushed to the pool to find Crack cat stuck under the deck. We had to tear up a couple of planks to free the dumb pratt from his shallow grave.

He refused to look at me and promptly went upstairs to the garage to pee.

Yes folks, my gay crack head cat refused to pee outside of his litter box. He couldn't possibly bring himself to pee on the dirt, underneath the deck, where he got stuck no matter how many days he was holding it. The prima donna couldn't chance peeing on himself and the little bit of fur he has left on his belly.

This morning he still refuses to look at me!

I don't think he will let me remedy the situation with a poochie sweater.

The snickering from the other cats and myself have died down. Now the task of figuring out which one was responsible for trying to bury Crack cat alive, is on way.

Someone is paying for the deck with a tail!

Blondes hate bad haircuts!!

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