I just read an advertisement for Andropause. Apparently, men get menopause like woman. They get a little pudgy around the middle, depressed, and their sexual appetite diminishes...




...and of course to help them through this time, the pharmaceutical commies have something to help.

A peepee hardener pill.

For a man, he doesn't need to lose weight, he doesn't need antidepressants.


He just needs a pill that will make the 'General' go from flacid to fabulously firm for eight hours.

No wonder all the men leave their wives when they hit midlife crisis.

With a penis that is so hopped up on drugs, its irrational behavior has them seeking out twenty something girls to keep their crack head (pun intended) tweaking until it comes down from the high.

I blame the pharmie commies for the high rate of divorce. That and not having separate bathrooms.

Stop watching each other pee for cricky sakes!!

Blondes say NO to drugs!!

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