Spiritual herpes exists!!

Having the pleasure of dining with the Captain last night, I am in wonderment of spiritual guidance and those that seek it no matter the avenue they choose as their guide.

The theme of the night started in the car on the way to downtown.

I put the top down and cranked the radio..The DJ was interviewing a psychic. The psychic was describing her ability to be in touch with the aura and psychic energy of callers.

Without knowing it, this would set the tone of the evening.

A wicked co-inky dink was about to unfold.

Dealing with the supernatural, one has to wonder if that little tidbit of radio station would arm me against forces that might otherwise slip by me without a second thought.

With that radio talk, someone was telling me to be careful because maybe the world is more than coincidences and I should walk away from bad influences no matter how much I adore them for their dis-functionality.

I am trying to improve my lot in this world and maybe cavorting with the wrong friends could inhibit me from being with the right ones for me.

I ordered the margs just as the Captain walked up to the bar.

This was psychic herpes, a plague, a disease of which, if I did not remove myself, I would catch it and be alone forever. The Captain believed he was cast a spell by his first girlfriend and forever doomed. He talked of voodoo on the islands and how his love was, for a brief moment possessed by a spirit that wanted a little ecstasy of the flesh so she took the Captain's love for a heated sexual encounter.

When the spirit left, the girlfriend came to, and was a little more than p.o.'ed, that he cheated on her with the dead chick.

The evidence was clear.. he was in bed naked with obvious signs of copulation.\

Denial is futile!!

The Captain was from the islands and voodoo is strong there, and while I don’t believe in any one religion I do believe in a little of all and I am selective in what I believe.

And I believe, if you believe, it is strong and you can do me harm or you can do me good, which ever the winds may blow at that moment.

Whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, voodoo, Wicca…

It’s more the power of the mind to believe in something.

If you really listen to signs they will push you in the right direction; because quite frankly Blondes aren’t the only ones lost without faith.

And faith is not in a church, its not in a temple, it is not in a religion, its that little voice that tells you right form wrong and your heart is all you need to guide you.

Cause if you can't listen to your head in these matters.

Logic can't kill the thought of a dead girl wanting to get laid.

The Blonde had a deep moment!!

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