Stephen F Austin

Finally, a place downtown where I have a quietly reserved place to hang my hat while I write during the Austin Film Festival, of which at the moment, I am not agreeing with so much.

The new director, is along the lines of a gestapo for volunteers. If I hear one more time, from the t-shirt natzi, to wear my ugly volunteer t-shirt, I am going to pluck every hair from her head and explain to her how I have a psychological problem with unfashionable garments and asking me to wear it two days in a row could possibly make me snap at any moment!!

I am also not thrilled with the kiss-arse couple that bogarts the talent pick up from everyone.

My final straw was when they tried to give me a couple with a baby, instead of the crew from the private leer jet!!

I headed for the nearest watering hole to work out my woes and thank Gah, Stephen F Austin had everything I had been missing downtown, from free wifi to proper red wine goblets.

I found a bit of civilization downtown!!

Stephen F Austin is my sanctuary as I extend a helping hand!!

Blondes charity only goes so far!!

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