I thought McCain was a Good Man

...but Palin and McCain have shown me why I dislike the country folk.

Palin has shown nothing more than her small town mentality at slinging bologne hash to make the click follow her. Anyone who follows someone that doesn't have the class or the intelligence to fight based on their own merits needs to keep their pink flamingos in the back yard.

Did I just see Palin at the Cheesecake Factory?

I am not a fan of Obama either, but realizing he may be n arrogant prick because he quit smoking on the campaign trail makes me feel better about his candidacy than a post traumatic war veteran who went 'Hockey' Mom on me!!

I vote for Canada to take over!!

I do have one Blonde question?

Why do we have a former terrorist allowed to be a professor?!!

The Blonde has yet to register and still wonders why she should!!!

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