Rednecks and Roadkill

are driving me mad!!!

First of all, there are more than one Maudie's around town. You don't have to eat at mine. Find one in your area!!

I don't want rednecks mucking up my good living.

I don't need to hear one more comment from some fat husband with his fat wife say something about me or my fashion choices!!

You who understand little more than dungarees and flip flops need to hide your ignorance and stay in your neck of the woods.

And another thing!!

While you are driving in my part of town, I would appreciate a little common decency when it comes to respecting deer and other animals that cross the road. Is it so hard for you to wait 2 minutes to make sure all the deer have crossed instead of barreling through them, like the pins at your bowling ally, in your obnoxious Ford Excursion.

Keep your beer gutting, gas guzzling, style lacking, country backward thinking, global warming, roadkill accumulating arse holes on your side of town!!!!!

And that goes for the men, too!!!

Blondes want a brake for animals!!

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