City Girl ....

is back to being urban.

I am missing out on a significant amount of counter culture hanging with an older posse. For now, I just want to hang with carbon based life forms in my own age bracket before the ancient ones deplete any more of my youth.

I need to be surrounded by the true speakers of our generation. Techno Hippies man!! I dig the artists, musicians, and the social site freakies (I say that with love)of my culture class. I want to hang with life participants that can enter the carnival ride without being fore-warned that some rides are dangerous to the heart and we all know I am one of those rides.

This summer I am not the trophy girl sitting quietly by as deals are made. I am trading in my pearls for my pookas and I will be coasting around the town before I decide if I want to hit LA for my writing career!!

Indiana Blondes are back!!

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