Brain freeze

has gotten me to thinking about the polar bears. My slushy cup could actually help save the fuzzy ice laden cuddlies or at least the technological advances that go into making my cup could help. No reason for nature not to share in the fruits of our destructive labors.

I am talking about Styrofoam, my friends or Stryrofoam--Polar Bear's friend!

Big molded mountainous heaps of it floating with an anchor out in the middle of the ocean or sea or wherever polar animals roam. A virtual floating lounge chair offered as salvation and rest until they can swim another thousand miles for eats and treats.

I do not share the opinion of my office buddy, as we are forced to squint during a a daring inhalation on our slurpees spoon/straw, who says polar bears should go extinct if they aren't smart enough to adapt to changing climate conditions.
I wonder what would happen if we turned the heat up in the loft and let the water evaporate from her cat's bowls? I am fairly certain she would find a way to find water even from a thousand miles away. The Polar bears aren't mucking up the planet and driving humans to extinction. They aren't turning up the heat and evaporating the earth.

The Chinese are doing that, well, mostly the Chinese!!

Since they have already gotten a severe tongue lashing from Sharon Stone, I will spare mine. Of course I might have blamed the sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that created a seismic wave which in turn caused said land to shift and break apart to create a natural damn and flooding for most of their problems but karmic retribution for the Tibetans, wasn't bad.

If I were going to push the envelope like Sharon and you know I like to.
I would say the Tibetans had their hand in a curse on the Chinese.

Think about it.

There was voodoo and flooding in New Orleans.


I don't know?! Lets ask Sharon!

Sharon can you open your legs wider, noone can hear you answer?!


Polar bears can't change that quickly. Can we?! I hope so.

But until that day comes lets throw a little landfill in the water. Let's recycle styrofoam and make resting stops for the bears. I know what it feels like to miss the last rest stop on the highway and having to practice continence for what seems like the space between a double wide continent and the next ceramic disposal unit.

In an emergency I can always pull over and find a tree.

I am just asking that we put an emergency pee tree in the ocean for the animal-polars.

If your with me on this, email the idea to the World Wildlife Fund. Click on the Monkey reading the paper in my links and help me spread the idea.

Blondes brake for squirrels too!!

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