Running from the Law

...or at least not relinquishing to his alert.

I was stuck in traffic with my top down and I took the seat belt off because in the SAAB it presses down on your shoulder. Great design if your going to role, bad comfort design if your sitting in the sun.

The traffic was at a standstill. Not much moving in the opposite direction either.

I was busy picking out tunes on my player when the warning beep from a police perpetrated my ear drum.

I looked up and over the grassy knoll of the median a "peace" officer is trying desperately to navigate his way through a statuary highway.

I think he wanted me?!



Uh Oh!!

Like an unbelievably shy freshman girl who just got winked at by the senior varsity running back...My eyes jumped to my beltless chest in a gazelle like sprint.

My mind ran even faster as hundred dollar bills flashed before my eyes.

I took my little ragtop off the beaten path, cutting through only a few vehicles as I maneuvered it to the nearest emergency exit, which happened to be the parking lot of a church. Thank goodness it was Catholic. I have an affiliation so technically speaking (in my mind) I have been given sanctuary on this little get away; but just to be safe I will include a drive by prayer for the 'Mega Famous Religious Icon of Our Times' next time I am in his pray pad.

On my way home, I enjoyed the scenery that was brought to me by the little detour through Westlake Hills-- with my belt on, of course. I wasn't about to tempt fate a second time especially when divine intervention offered up a free pass through the Almighty's parking lot.

I don't want to sound ungrateful but I still have to do something about ther chafing fabric against my skin. I wonder if Hermes sells something that doesn't look like a fuzzy maxipad strapped to my shoulder belt?

Blondes hate being part of the click!!

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