Illuminating Thoughts

I noticed that my complexion and traffic both sport a lighter look. Unfortunately, it seems the look is more flattering on the streets than on my skin.

I seriously need to spend some time in the sun. I have the mimimal amount of pigment to distinguish me from that of an albino and an eggshell wall. I am not even a pretty creamy white; I am more of a speckled cream and white berber carpet color.

A much needed color coating must come this weekend either through surf and sun or the spa?!

Looking at the cost of airline tickets and petrol, it looks like I will be sloughing asnd spraying skin at the spa this weekend.

Since my car isn't the only one that doesn't run on the remnants of a million stalks of corn, the price of the dinosaur gas has actually helped clear the roads for me during my ride to and from work. I don't know if it is due to lay-offs, techies doing more work remotely from their home, or just the working peeps waiting out peak drive time so they don't sit in traffic and waste gas; which happens to be very good for the environment. Do you have any idea how much Texans like their trucks and SUV's?

Its all good!!

If Hillary could see how well this gas crisis is working out for me and the environment, she could move on and focus on trying to solve real issues like raising wages, keeping jobs in the U.S., and keeping the drug companies from raping us every time we sneeze.

Oh yes, the increase of funds could help secure things like food and housing. I hear it is a big priority for families at the moment!!

For me, I would like to see the freaking valet prices drop downtown! Seriously, they act as if the gas my car consumes during the 50 yard drive from the door to the most convenient of public parking lots they coned off the entrances to is coming out of their own pocket?!!

I could walk to my downtown destination but crossing the street with my pasty skin glowing in the night could cause cars to think they were about to be hit by an oncoming motorist.

I would rather not risk the injury.

Blondes try to stear clear of accidents!!

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