Music Men

rocked my world last night!

After spending time alone with my men in an intimate setting such as the gorgeous Paramount Theater, I now know what I want in a man...

First, he has to have the sense of humorous stylings of the great Lyle Lovett, who by the way I totally have a huge crush on now. I loved him before but knowing he is funny makes him even better.

Second, he has got to have the coolness of John Hiatt. He is the quintessential story teller. Asked about the song Thunderbird, he told the audience how he and his friends stole a gold Thunderbird from a woman picking up pizza at the local pizzeria(this is in the year 1968). They drove the car around for a couple of weeks taking turns until one day an exact copy of the Thunderbird they stole and were driving happened to roll up next to them.

Taking notice becasue of the uncanniness they couldn't help but see the other Thunderbird had a personlized plate...'his'.
Guess what the license plate on the car they were driving had on it?

Third isn't a requirement but if you can jam like Joe Ely, you can do no wrong in my eyes. He is a little short and not too talkative but man can his voice get to your gut. I will definitely catch his next show--even if it is for the Republic Bike Rally thing.

Fourth, well their isn't a fourth but I did want to mention Guy Clark. He is a little too old for me and seemed tired but give him a break--actually he had one--his leg. Lyle is right--he is cooler than the Marlboro man. My favorite thing about his part of the show is how he left no stone unturned when it came to picking on the folks of California.

I enjoyed a glass of wine on the balcony of Stephen F and than went home. I was tired and all I could think of as I tucked myself in...was what an absolutely perfect night it was. The only thing better would to have been able to meet them for a night cap of music at Saxon.

Blondes know how to enjoy their time alone!!

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