A Creepy Crawl

...by a creepy guy in my office waiting to ride the elevator with me when I come to work in the morning.

Why is it the ones that look like they keep their dead Mother stuffed and sitting in a rocking chair in the living room seem to find me?

This neo-fleeb is incredibly obese and we all know how I feel about someone who abuses their body. Dr. Phil would have backed me up on the hating really fat people before he became a fathead himself.


This walking 'heart-attack' with a permanent cast on his leg, and breathes like Darth Vader's illegitimate son sits in his serial killer Honda civic beater car waiting for me to pull in the parking lot. When he feels that is too obvious he waits in the men's room near the building door and waits until I walk by so he can ride the elevator with me.

I can't stand to look at him but he has no problem staring at me, scaring the bijeebeez out of me with that stalker breathing and he carries an extra cast...I am seriously spooked by him.

El problema con los individuos tiene gusto de esto is you can not be nice to them, not even once. They for the most part are invisible and if you shed their cloak by saying something to them, they feel invincible enough to harrass you. This whole thing got started because I didn't want to be rude when he said hello to me last week when I had the first displeasure of sharing space with him.

I generally do not like to be a mean person but I don't feel I have to be nice to every single loser that wants to freak me out. Today I walked into the building as he waited and stared at me, hoping I was coming his way. I simply rolled my eyes, sighed in disgust and went up the stairs.

I don't see why I have to be put out by this freak. Tomorrow if he is waiting again, I will have a talk with his boss. There is no reason for me to have to confront him. Its not my fault his chromosomes are missing the 'let's be normal' gene.

Blondes don't like all the attention!!

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