Tick, Tock...Tick, Tock

I want my watch back!!

My 'cheap fake Tag' (as he described) from China which I will come to realize might have already been tossed in the trash but still, I feel like I must try to retrieve it. Since the timepiece holds great memories and has sentimental value of which I hold far more regard to than that of street value.

Usually I wouldn't resort to such behavior as sending letters to his friends and family asking them to ask him to return the watch. His vulgarity and basic need to project his insecurity and self hatred onto me seems to have crossed a line that I feel gives me license to resort to a slight intrusion into the lives of others.

Why should I be the better person? I am always the better person. Maybe I just want to set an example or maybe I really just want my watch back?

Does it really matter the reason?

At the moment, I gave him a personal invitation to return the watch by Friday. If it isn't back by then, I will know his intentions. I am going to send out a lovely note card on linen paper imploring the gentle souls around him to retrieve my 'cheap tag' wrist watch.

If I don't get it back, I can at least revel in the fact I was a bit scandalous; which would be a first for me and I can't think of a single, more appropriate individual to bestow this privelage to. Can you?

The Blonde think its time to fight back!!!

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