Cut Me Up and place me in a Paper bag

After numerous attempts this morning to resize my sationary, I have found I possess the distinct inability to cut paper straight.

I downloaded a bunch of emails that I have formed into a one act play. I want a certain size paper to bind in little leather portfolio covers to send to play houses in New York and Conneticut. It is this project that has me stumbling across the fact that Southpaws can't cut paper well.

Thank god this is the digital age and anything can be acheived with only a few pecks, taps, and clicks on a keyboard...which I happen do brilliantly.

Which brings me to the point of crooked lines. I know if I fail at one thing, I will always succeed at another and it is with this knowledge that I will continue to press forward in my writing career. At the moment the sky is the limit because I am still dreaming of my bi-coastal living status once I become famous.

For now, I am just going to order the proper sized stationary and focus only on things I know I am good at. I hear paper cutters have been replaced with machines anyway!!

Blondes need to keep their eyes on the prize!!

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