Maxing my Memory

Remember Max Headroom. I haven't thought about him since MTV stopped playing music videos and replaced monuments like Dire Straights and Tom Petty with reality sick shows and Flave. We should all be grateful to him for wearing the clock around his neck to distract from his fugly mug.

Its funny how things just sit at the back of our head and years later something gets plucked from the back of the hippocampus: its the cortical structure, neural pathways that connect to the cortex which are all heavily involved in declarative memory–the memory of facts and events.

Seeing as no two people are alike nor political parties, no two facts or memory recount will be the same. One remembers their side and the other remembers their side and no one is right and every one is wrong. S-s-s-see why I put Max at the top?

Its as if our synapsis' are like tiny little bumper cars moving about the brain and getting knocked back in thought by a blonde brain bubble.

Its a phenomenon that the medical society hasn't seemed to grasp onto as a plausible study of which they could obtain sizable research grants--I am sure. I think their is an educational validity to studying brain farts. Really I do.

President Bush has them all the time. Don't we want to dissect and s-s-s-s study his brain--especially as elusive as his thought process is?!
The Republicans realized early in the show that they needed a big bumbling head because putting Dick or Connie in front scared little children and a majority of adults.

Dems and Pubes will always have different recounts of events and facts especially during an election year. They will try to distract us with their avatars and we forgetting about past elections and broken promises will watch them with the same enthusiasm as when Max moved to his own sitcom. We will sit obediently and watch the political heads speak of change but unfortunately like Max who is only twenty minutes into the future, our candidates are only that far into a campaign, not a Presidency. What we are seeing is only the tip of the promising iceberg that eventually will melt under the heat of opposition and the reality will settle in and like the polar bears, we will struggle to keep our heads afloat a little longer.

One things is-s-s-s for sure. Its going to be a bumpy ride over the political landscape with all these bubble heads!!

Blondes like being independent!!

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