In a Double Blonde Test

I mean double blind....what the hell is a double blind test?

Who goes to the Obesity Institute and what kind of degree can you obtain?

Seriously, are fat people stupid?

Because these con artists have ample funds for advertising which I am subjected to in the morning when listening to CMT so by a few degrees of separation...fat people have gotten on my nerves.

Diet and exercise are the only things known to man to lose weight unless you have stretched your stomach out to the size of a Buick and need stapling to manage your elephant like hunger.

I would love to scarf down a Big Mac and super size me fries with a diet coke, but I don't because I love the way I look more than I love Micky Ds...

and if my hands weren't busy holding my flamed broiled whopper...I would tell you what I really think!!

I have to go now and climb a beanstalk for my cardio workout.

Blondes don't buy magic beans!!

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