Hell hath No Fury

like a blonde stuck in traffic class.

Why does everything associated with the DMV have to be so grungy and I am including the patrons of said spots.

Traffic class is a round up of everyone who feels cleanliness is reserved only for special dinners at Olive Garden or Marie Calenders.

"Whippy lets git dressed and have Dairy Queen food served on china!!"

I am fairly certain I alienated everyone in the class yesterday. There might be one or two left that have to be converted back to whence they came. I am definitely not warm and fuzzy when it comes to being polite in phleebville.

Of course once they realize the pretty blonde isn't extra sweet with sugar on top, they make special point to talk smack. I deserve it.

Smack away kids...I don't shy away from intimidation tactics, as a matter of fact, I revel in them. Maybe if I pop a few xanax before class I can be some what civil to these Oprahnites but than where would my fun be?

I might have been a little less than diplomatic when it came to the idiot laughing about hitting a tree while totally intoxicated but come on!!

Bragging about getting totally wasted, DUDE... for your 911...is lamer than my vibe version of the account.

DuDe, Dude..were not drunk enough to drive. Stop at your sisters house and get another 12 pack of Coors ( pronounced curz by the hillbilly affiliate).

I feel I am doing everyone a favor when I show no mercy to the "too ill equipped to have a brain fart" phleeb. I know everyone gets on the defensive when they are confronted with someone pointing out their idiocy. Its OK, I will take it, especially when I could save a life by making this guy think for a moment that the tree he smashed could have been a family in a car.

I'm not judging, OK, maybe I am but some people just don't think far enough into their actions. Life is like a chess game. Its a series of moves you think in your head before ever laying out your first pawn. Along the way the strategy may have to be changed up and you may not win every time but at least your not running over a rook with a truck.

Come on peeps, my family and friends share the road with you...so be COOL!!

Blondes like steering the way!!

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