Blonde Beauty Tip #8

When on a budget and can't afford lip injections but want plumpness for that one special affair..here is your tip.

First ice up your lip until its blue and you can feel nothing..than take a needle and prick your lip a couple of time just underneath the lip where scabbing can't be seen....it will swell and stay for at least two or three days depending on how deep you pricked.

For those who grow weak kneed at the site of blood...I suggest don't look in a mirror. be strong ladies for what is beauty without pain...feel good about yourself that you did not succumb to plastic surgery, you are a beauty warrior who lifts the head high as you head out plumped up and debt free.

If you can wax a bikini line you. you can do this.

Blondes have no boundaries when it comes to beauty!!

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