I’m Feeling Fat

And I know squeezing into a size two pushing the size four category isn't going to get me much sympathy. It's the fact that I can't drop the five pounds in three days like I used too. I could blame age but I refuse to admit I am maturing physically. Because I know it's not mental. My Mom is a great teacher of staying young at heart. My Dad too...as a matter of fact...

The other night my Dad was telling me to tale Marcus to a movie, or go out, or do something. Couldn't figure out why until we came home a bit too early...dear God!!

We were locked out of the house, had to keep ringing the doorbell and finally my Dad comes to the door in a towel...

"Oh, my Gah...Dad?!!"
"What.. you were supposed to be away!!"
"Eww..Were going away"

In the car:
Laughing hysterically...

"Yeah it's funny to you; you're separated by a generation, this is going to haunt me"
"No, if you want to be haunted, unlock the chest in their closet"
"Oh my God!!"
"Uh, NO!!"
"I am so grossed out, and you, you are tainted for life, you will need some kind of therapy?!! I know I do"

hysterical laughing
more hysterical laughing

" Do you think its safe to go home now?"
"no, give them more time"
"oh my God, gross"

more laughing

"We should be so lucky..that after more than 40 years of marriage..They still get their groove on"
"Shut up"
" O.K...shutting up...hot wings or BBQ?"
"Good idea, it takes longer"

Blondes shouldn't knock on the door so long!

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