Bill the Cow

Bill the Cow never found a smile
difficult to make
Even when times were tough
and everyone hard to take

No acts of kindness
could make him fit in
It did not matter
how nice he had been

Because he was different
they refused to be kind
and to his good nature
they remained blind

Bill always understood
why they carried this thought
It was not hatred for him
only the way they were taught

He had no choice
but change their mind
it takes courage
but that's hard to find

Bill never gave up
no matter the pain
through his fight
equality he would gain

Bill the cow would say:

think what you teach
into tiny ears
for they grow up
and carry on those fears

you are my sister
and you my brother
we really arent that different
Please,lets love each other

You don't have to be blonde to be kind!! Peace y'all

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