I'm Goin Cowboys!!

...not because I know anything about football. I know enough to act like I know and I have a trick to help me look like I know..whenever I hear a whistle I yell out flag..makes me look like I really know but alas I do not..I mean... I know what a flag is, I just never know why the flag is called.
I have been a Redskin fan all my life. I was born in D.C. and lived in Virginia most of my young life and so there... I'm a Redskin fan but lately I'm thinking I might go Cowboys for one big reason....A GUY....not just any guy but a bonafide gentleman guy who made me laugh when I was crying over getting old...
and while I will always love my Redskins and wish them well they never told me how beautiful I am, make me laugh, or make me feel better about myself when I am feeling down..I doubt the Cowboys will do that for me either but I know this guy will and I rather hang out with him on the Cowboy's side of the stadium than stand alone on the Redskin's side.

damn you Joe Gibbs...can't you do anything?!!

Blondes don't need to know football to be a fan!!

Update: Nov 28. 2007
After the fall of Redskin Taylor...I cannot leave my team at this time plus I really don't like the Cowboys and this guy has since dwindled from my light

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