Couple Tunnel Syndrom

I was waiting for my date in the lobby bar of the hotel when a 50ish couple asked if they could sit near me. I looked around and so ample seating and therefore no reason to crowd me. I thought to myself..I don't do threesomes.
"Yes, you may". I was writing and they asked me why I was sitting at the bar alone on a friday...I still don't do threesomes!!
I told them I arrived in San Antonio early driving in from Austin and I was waiting for my date to arrive. I went back to writing and they read a magazine..so whatever.
Ok..so my date arrives....I get up to greet him, we sit down. I try to talk to him but he is very quiet and II was very frustrated and so I rolled my eyes in the direction of the couple.
The couple started to talk to him, at first I was greatful that they got the ball rolling. Upon finding out the guys family owns alot of ranch they proceeded to stick both their heads up his ass for the rest of the evening. Apparently, he does do threesomes because after ignoring me the entire evening he exchanged numbers with them.
I could continue with the story but if you read my blog "Mama teach your Cowboys" should tell you the rest.

Blondes dont like to be redundant or ignored!!

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