This is A Museum Ma'am

Ma'am...You can't stand that close to the paintings.
Why? There are no ropes and I want to see the strokes they used to create the skin in the rennaisance paintings.
Ma'am, I am asking nice please do not stand so close to the paintings
Well, how far can I stand? That is too far and I don't see a line or a rope. I want to see it up close. I promise i won't even breathe while I am looking
Ma'am...I am not asking again. Please you can stand here...
Really, why can I stand there and not here..there are no lines or ropes...doesn't make sense. You agree with me right?
Ma'am, please work with me and stand here
I don't see the line that says I have to stand here..why don't you just let me stand here and you watch me...
Ma'am...alright you may look quickl;y at the painting from here.
I need to get a little closer..and my name is Via
Ma'am ,Miss Via..please, I am not asking again
Good, because its getting tiresome
What would happen if I touched it
Ma'am..Miss Via..please
altright, alright Pinkerton..I am off to the post modern sculptures..
Ma'aM...you can't stand so close to the sculptures
I give up...
Hey Pinkerton..let the blonde look!!

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