Blinde Blonde beauty tip #9

I decided to drink coconut milk as a natural diuretic. I wanted to be super skinny for the party this Saturday. I open the can of unsweetened thai coconut milk..At first I thought it looked wrong but thought maybe the chunks and the liquid just needed stirring. It didn't have strong smell or I just missed it but when i tried it...uckk..it was awful. I could barely choke it down but I thought...well, it is unsweetened..maybe the process of removing the sweetness and it was thai..well...ity tasted like foot..a dirty homeless persons footbut I kept trying to mix it in things to hide the flavor...afterall I have a party to go to and I want to be super thin....

I could bare it no more. It sat in my refridgerator until my Mother discovered it...she thought someone put caustic chemicals in my can of coconut milk...apparently it was that bad...and yes my Mother is a blond...why?back to story..I was drinking bad coconut milk...who knew things could go bad in a can...

Don't let a Blond stock the bomb shelter..

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