Teet Tot, teet Tot

I am on a teeter totter with Baylor at one end and SMU at the other.

Baylor came in a little too low on their transfer scholarship and apparently, I am not eligible for the merit scholarships-not because of grades- but because I didn't just jet out of high school.

SMU, I had a little issue with my name not matching social security so i had to fix my driver's license to match my SSC...so i am back to my maiden name

Sort of...

My name was spelled wrong on the birth certificate and that is now what I am going by. Still doesn't match my social security name but its only off by one letter..

Its nice to have a new name, new hair do, and eventually a new flat.

Whether that is going to be in Dallas or Waco, its up in the air until I receive my award package from SMU.

I prefer Dallas, only because an all university town is not going to be able to offer much to me in the form of a life outside school and work.

Waco is charging premium prices for their living quarters because they can get away with screwing the students. The only nice places to live have such an exorbitant amount of rent, you could live in a high rise in downtown Dallas -with a view- for the same price..its super ridiculous.

The rest of the area around Waco is just a manifestation of hideousness...When Section 8 is OK on the rental menu..that is going a little too ghetto for me.

Pray with the Blonde and Rick Perry for a better future in Dallas!

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